Your New Home and Bed Bug Removal

Your New Home and Bed Bug Infestation

So you moved into your new home and then you find you have moved in with residents already living there. Who are those residents? Bed bugs!

How to get rid of Bed bugs?

There are a ton of methods you will find when you search for bed bug removal! But if you don’t want chemicals, I have found the perfect solution. So this blog is about that.

Bed Bug Removal without chemicals

Bed bugs have always proven to be a very difficult parasitic insect. Early detection will save someone the stress and little damages. In as much as there are ways to prevent and also eradicate these pests, care must be in considering the best effective methods.

Control of bed bugs with the use of chemical has proven to be harmful as there are active ingredients in the chemical/pesticides use, examples are:

  • Bifenthrin – Moderately Acutely Toxic, Cancer (possible), Endocrine Disruption, Neurotoxicity, Sensitizer/Irritant
  • Chlorfenapyr – Moderately Acutely Toxic, Cancer (potential), Kidney/Liver Damage
  • Cyfluthrin – Moderately Acutely Toxic, Reproductive Effects, Neurotoxicity, Kidney/Liver Damage, Sensitizer/Irritant
  • Deltamethrin – Moderately Acutely Toxic, Endocrine Disruption, Neurotoxicity, Sensitizer/Irritant
  • D-Phenothrin – Slightly Acutely Toxic, Neurotoxicity, Kidney/Liver Damage
  • Fenvalerate – Slightly Acutely Toxic, Endocrine Disruption, Neurotoxicity, Kidney/Liver Damage, Sensitizer/Irritant. These are few chemical/active ingredients mentioned and extended exposures that are above Threshold Limit is very dangerous.

Now it is paramount to discuss how to remove the bed bugs without the use of chemicals, numerous eradication/detection methods are available as well which are:

  • Clutter removal; properly arranging the room for air space and proper hygiene.
  • Use of dissolvable laundry bags.
  • Bed bug detection which involves the use of the old means i.e. how people used to put tuna cans full of water under the legs of their bed to prevent bed bugs from crawling up, though modern bed bug monitoring devices have been invented and used as well.
  • Pressurized carbon dioxide snow; this involves the freezing of the bed bugs to death by exposure to pressurized CO2 at a temperature of -1080
  • Mattress encasements.
  • Heating; among all the methods mentioned in both detection and eradication, the heating system has proven to be the most effective and productive way of bed bugs removal. There are currently two heating systems being used for bed bug elimination. These are the ThermaPureHeat and the Temp-Air Heat Remediation System. These two methods employ the same principle. The temperature of the room is increased by the use of propane or electric heater, and with this heat is blown into the room for several, mostly to the infested parts or detected regions. This method of heating is usually accompanied with the use of sensing devices. Once the thermal death point of bed bug has been reached, heat is continually blown for another extended duration of about an hour or more, to ensure all bugs killed with a single treatment. But if you live in the Chicagoland area and are looking for bed bug removal chicago, I suggest you contact Bed Bug Docs!

Great ideas for renovating your kitchen

kitchen-347315_960_720Kitchen is the place where people, especially a woman spend 70% of her lifetime. It is the place where all your favourite delicacies are made. Cooking requires time and the construction of your kitchen is a major factor of how much time that you need to cook. Earlier, kitchen was not given any importance in construction of the home but actually it is the most important part that should be figured out before any other part of the home. A kitchen should contain sufficient shelves and racks to accommodate all the necessary ingredients that you need. Additionally, it should have enough space to accommodate all the appliances you need and sufficient width of the slab to properly work on. If your kitchen is too small or do not have enough space, you must renovate your kitchen in order to make it more attractive, organised and well maintained. Reconstruction or redevelopment of your kitchen will add smoothness and relief to your standard of living as well as worth to your home. So, here we present few easy things that you can implement whenever you’re modernizing your kitchen:

  1. Allow more natural light to enter your kitchen: Your kitchen is made up for cooking food. A food can be TS-86521797_kitchen-remodeling-plans_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960cooked easily if you have enough light in the room. This will help in better cooking and also save up your electricity.
  1. Use materials quality wise: No matter if you are going for drawers or hinges or cabinet doors, make sure they are of god quality with effective fasteners. Look for the drawers that can be easily accessible, opened and closed tightly so that any insect or rodents cannot make entry to them and damage your kitchen. Always make use of good quality material while selecting so that you can use them for long and do not get dull easily.
  1. Observe the elevation of cabinet: If you have eight-foot ceilings, have preferences of those cabinets that go to the highest level. This way it can offer storage spaces to supplementary things and also make you enable to use extra wall space for artwork or open shelves.
  1. Play with paint: Brush painting the walls can add an exceptional appearance and a different look to your kitchen. You can add different colours to different racks or cabinets that can make them attractive. Make sure kitchen-renovation-checklistyou paint all the walls with same colour so that the kitchen does not give a smaller appearance.
  1. Choose your countertop wisely: you can go for White Carrara marbles and tainted wood because they are more graceful and warm. The honed Kirkstone slate, soapstone and Wiarton limestone, and plastic laminate with a wood edge are also advisable as they make your kitchen looks classy and stylish.
  1. Create enough spaces: Make sure your kitchen has enough space to accommodate all the appliances like refrigerators, mixers, microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc and it should not create a messy look. You can also install a fan in your kitchen which can be used while you complete your cutting and chopping and the time you do not use gas burners.